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Social Responsibility Award

Employees continue to want their work and their company to contribute to more than just profit. This award will recognise a project dedicated to engaging employees through a social responsibility initiative or program. The judges would like to see evidence of the impact the project has had on both the workforce and also the wider social contribution it has made.

Looking for elements such as:

Please describe the project in detail including why social responsibility is important to employee engagement at your organisation. What problem or opportunity was this project designed to address? How did you define success for this project?

Describe the planning stage of the project. Who was involved? What information was used? How was employee input incorporated?

How did you ensure the project implementation went smoothly?

What measurable impact did the project have on both internally (on employee engagement) and externally (on the broader community)? Please provide specific examples.

Please share up to three stories that illustrate the positive impact of your social responsibility project.

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